The 3Dthèque


MNHN Digitization Work Portal


The Museum has several digitization facilities and services. The objective of the 3Dthèque is to centralize requests for 3D imaging achievements in order to provide simplified and uniform access to specimen resources related to the scientific databases of the Museum's collections.

The purpose of this service is to promote the conservation of specimens from collections and to make 3D imaging files available to the community for new research programs or for any other use related to the Museum's missions.

Provision of digital data

The available digitalization works carried out by the different platforms can be consulted on this page. Any request for access to the digitalization already performed is done via the Colhelper interface (section « Choice of types of request », « Images »). The MNHN collection specimens images are property of the Museum. The right to use these images is given for a single use only, and for purpose defined in the initial request for authorization to use them.

Today, the program is being implemented with the services of:

The « Scientific Access to X-Ray Tomography » (AST-RX in French) of the UAR 2700 2AD « Acquisition and Analyses of Data in natural history »


The MH-2D/3D imaging technical platform of the UMR 7206 « Eco-Anthropologie et Ethnobiologie » and 7194 « Histoire Naturelle de l'Homme Préhistorique »


« Surfacus » of the Direction générale déléguée aux Collections du Muséum.