Project title
Taxonomie revision of selected Sri Lankan reptiles and amphibians, including threatened and potentially extinct species
Description of the project
• The species richness in Sri Lanka is currently under-represented, with several new species awaiting discovery, prompting a taxonomie revision of the reptiles and amphibians; • Examination of type specimens of reptiles and amphibians species especially in the lndian sub-continent is a prerequisite for a thorough taxonomie revision in Sri Lanka; • The vast majority of type (and historically important) specimens of Sri Lankan amphibians and reptiles are housed in western museums, especially in London and Paris-loans in/out of Sri Lanka are currently prohibitive such that visiting collections is the only way for Sri Lankan scientists to observe this material.

Works done by the platform AST-RX

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RA 0.1067 scan ROI tête v|tome|x L 240-180