Project title
Teeth Microstructure of Permian/Triassic Early Amphibians and Reptiles: insights to inner teeth diversity in Argana (Morocco)
Description of the project
The present project aims to deep on the Late Permian and Triassic ecosystems of the Argana basin (Morocco). Several specimens, stored at the MNHN, have been recovered from this basin during the last decades and show the hotspot faunal diversity just before the great End-Permian mass extinction and how was the faunal recovery after the extinction. Of particular interest, the study of teeth microstructure (e.g. enamel, dentine (or plicidentine), pulp cavity) provides key information about functional morphology but also phylogenetical data and the present project pursue to analyze the teeth diversity present during the Late Permian and Triassic and to evaluate its palaeocological and phylogenetical implications. Reference: Jalil, N.-E. 1999. Continental Permian and Triassic vertebrate localities from Algeria and Morocco and their stratigraphical correlations.Journal of African Earth Sciences. 29 (1):219-226

Works done by the platform AST-RX

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