The form is currently closed: you can not submit requests. You can, however, take note of the explanatory document below and check in the meantime if the inventory numbers of your MNHN specimens are computerized (see below the section « Specimens from MNHN collections »), a mandatory condition to be able to submit when reopening.

The next call will open in February 2024..

Application form for access to the AST-RX platform


Before completing your request, please refer to the downloadable document below:
Document explaining how the technical platform operates
You can also visit the UAR 2700 website for more information on the AST-RX platform.

Works request : Data acquisition (scanner)

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List of participants

It is imperative that the project leader (researcher, curatorial manager, doctoral student, master, external, etc.) is the one who carries out the data analysis work and the research work (or the museum exploitation) that results from it. (thus to ensure optimal demand for tomographic acquisition specificities). The cost estimate will be sent to the project owner.

Project leader

Project collaborators

Last name (s), first name (s), affiliation (s) of the collaborator (s) of the project.

Scientific project

The summary may, for selected projects, be posted on the website of the platform and in the dissemination documents produced by the platform.
Details on the interests of tomographic analysis (what is the contribution of tomography for your project, which structures do you wish to highlight (area of interest), what types of post-processing analysis will be used, etc.)?
Explanations on the broader framework in which the project fits (Master, Thesis, funded research program (ANR, ERC, PICS, etc.), preventive conservation, exhibition, restoration, etc.).

Study material

Details of the material to be analyzed (collection (s) of origin of specimens, number and size of specimens and / or bones or fragments that compose them *, provide photographs *), if possible estimate of technical requirements (number of x-rays or any known acquisition parameters; to the document AST-RX_presentation et modalite de fonctionnement.pdf explaining how the technical platform operates). An exhaustive description of the study material is essential to the choice of the best tomographic analysis parameters and to the estimation of the scanning time and the cost of the service. For MNHN specimens, the inventory number is required.

Specimens from MNHN collections

You will not be able to submit your project if the inventory number is wrong or does not exist (please contact the relevant curatorial manager if the number is not valid). Examples: HA then D-2, HA then D-1-bis

Specimens external to the MNHN

No checks are made for these inventory numbers

Administrative information

Curatorial manager

Detailed contact details of the curatorial manager or specimen manager (s) concerned

Contact facturation

Detailed contact information of the person for the billing of the analysis.


The acquisition period will also be defined in accordance with the timetable of the AST-RX platform


Please attach a single file (preferably in pdf format, maximum size 64 MB) containing photographs of the specimen(s) to be digitized in all relevant orientations; and possibly any other complementary information (previous experiences, methodologies used, problems related to the handling of the object, etc.).

Agreement and sending

Document explaining how the technical platform operates